Many fire safety topics are interconnected!

Fire Safe Europe’s aim is to see fire safety becoming a European matter.
To do so, Fire Safe Europe takes a holistic view and covers many topics linked to fire safety:

  • The Construction Products Regulation (CPR), being a key piece of legislation, needs to be maintained and constantly improved for the safety of our buildings.
  • The Energy Performance Buildings Directive: the newly revised EPBD has included fire safety in 2 of its articles. What to expect for the future?
  • Facades requires a harmonised testing method. What is the situation today? Is Europe getting there?
  • Smoke Toxicity: Smoke is the biggest killer. Though there is a lack of comparable data and common terminologies across the EU.  What needs to be done?
  • Sustainability: Fire safety and sustainability have to go hand and hand. Otherwise a building cannot be sustainable and lead to considerable negative impacts.

Each topic has its own specificities and characteristics. But, at the same time, all the topics are interlinked between each other as shown on our interactive map below. One topic cannot be singled out.
* Please be aware that there are two layers which can be individually selected using the filter on the right.

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3rd episode of the Data Project is out!

Listen to Mike Burroughs, senior fire investigator for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, who kindly gave us his insight on fire investigation data collection to improve EU fire safety.

How to foster a sustainable future through green buildings?

RELEASE – 12 May – 18.00 pm CEST: Podcast 1 “How to foster a sustainable future through green buildings? ” with Fanny Guay. Join us!

FSEU Position Paper – Fire resilience: key for a sustainable future

Fire resilience is the great absentee from the sustainable buildings debate. In this new position paper, we tell you why we believe this gap needs to be addressed to truly foster a sustainable future.

Comparative study of national fire safety requirements update – Part 1

Participate in the 2020 update of the comparative study of national fire safety requirements.

Insights from developing a fire terminology glossary webinar

Access the European Fire Safety Community to...

NFPA’s EFFECT™: a game-changing tool to assess facades

To assist authorities in assessing the risks of their high-rise and intermediate-height building inventory, ARUP completed a research project for NFPA to develop and validate a risk assessment methodology and the freely available electronic tool EFFECT™.

Fire Safety of Facades 2019: the password is information

September 25, 2019, facades fire safety experts convened to Paris for the Third International Seminar on Fire Safety of Facades (FSF2019). Fire Safe Europe joined the discussions and presented the progress made at EU level on facades.

European Commission publishes tender to finalise the European approach to assess the fire performance of facades

Brussels, September 17, 2019: The European Commission published today a call for tender titled “Finalisation of the European Approach to Assess the Fire Performance of Facades”.

Fire safety highlighted in the EPBD recommendations

On May 16 2019, the European Commission published its Recommendations on how EU countries should implement the building renovation aspects of the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Several recommendations cover fire safety.

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