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Together we can make Europe fire safe
Together we can save lives

100 European Parliament candidates pledged to work to improve
fire safety in the Parliamentary term of 2019 – 2024.


Let’s write the next chapter together

Over 140 people supported the #Together4FireSafety campaign. 100 European elections candidates pledged to work to improve fire safety in buildings for people. 47 firefighters, researchers, engineers, educators, associations and corporations supported the campaign.
The campaign aimed to ensure that fire safety stays high on the agenda of the newly elected European Parliament 2019 – 2024.

As the Members of the European Parliament start a new chapter, they will have many opportunities to improve fire safety in buildings.
For example, they could:
#ThinkFireSafety and ensure that it is taken into account in relevant European policy areas such as tourism, consumer protection, education, sustainable buildings, etc
• Work on a European Fire Safety Strategy enabling EU countries to set common goals for fire safety
• Continue to support the work of the European Commission’s Fire Information Exchange Platform

With so much support, it is clear that action is necessary to ensure that our buildings are fire safe. The next chapter stars now, and we believe that you have something substantial to contribute. For example, we can make sure that Members of the European Parliament #ThinkFireSafety when working on relevant policies.

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Thank you to all 100 pledgers: you sent a strong signal that action is necessary to ensure our buildings are fire safe

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Fire is one of the earliest innovations and one of the oldest threats known to humanity. Every day in Europe, there are 5.000 fires in which 11 people die and 190 are hospitalised. Even though the number of fires and deaths has decreased in the last century, new challenges arise today, and there is still much to be done to improve fire safety in buildings.

90% of all fire victims are killed by fires in buildings. We have a lot to gain from ensuring that the buildings in which we spend so much of our time are safe.

We all have a role to play to improve fire safety: policy-makers, the construction industry, architects, fire safety engineers, firefighters, building owners, and citizens. It’s up to all of us to act for fire safety in buildings.

On top of saving lives and avoiding injuries, by improving fire safety we can:
• Minimize the disruptions to society caused by fires. To give an example, it is estimated that in the UK alone, school fires disrupt the education of around 90.000 children every year.

• Avoid negative economic impact: costs due to losses from fire are estimated at approximately 1% of global GDP per year. That is slightly less than the GDP of the Netherlands.

• Protect the environment: fires cause massive amounts of air pollution, depleting materials and increasing carbon emissions. In Sweden, the estimated emission of dioxins from fires approximately corresponds to the total emission from traffic or half the emissions from municipal waste combustion.

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