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FSEU Position Paper – Getting facades fire performance assessment right for Europe

The proposed approach by the EC consists of two highly contested national test methods: BS 8414 is currently under question and could be removed from the UK regulatory system: An independent expert witness at the Grenfell inquiry has stated that BS 8414 does not sufficiently fulfill the purpose of giving guidance on fire safety of facades. DIN 4102 part 20 has been supplemented with an additional test method in Germany: It was concluded that DIN4102 part 20 does not sufficiently represent the risks associated with an external fire.

FSEU Position Paper – Fire Safety Engineering

Performance-based design of buildings using Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) tools had opened new possibilities for to designing large and complex buildings which could not have been designed in the same way using existing prescriptive rules. The primary aims of FSE must continue to be to prevent the loss of life. The misuse of FSE (be it deliberate or unintentional) in order to reduce costs or to change a building’s use after completion is a risk that needs to be kept in mind. The “precautionary principle” should always be abided by when it comes to fire safety measures.

Putting Fire Safety Engineering on the right tracks

Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) was discussed during the 1st Fire Information Exchange Platform meeting on October 16, 2017, and identified as one of the work streams for the platform. The purpose of this letter is to express our position on the opportunities and risks presented by FSE.

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Facts & Figures

0 fires
are reported in Europe each year
of fires in the EU happen in buildings, on average
of our time is spent in buildings
0 people
are killed by fire in Europe every year. That is 11 deaths per day
0 people
are hospitalised in Europe each year due to severe injuries caused by fire
0 billion €
– equivalent to 1% of European GDP – is eaten up by fire damage each year
0 minutes
is all it takes for fire to involve an entire room, because we use more flammable materials than before
0X further
is the closest fire exit to a classroom in an Italian school compared to Germany (60 m in Italy VS 10 m in Germany)

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