NEWS UPDATE: Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) – Meeting of 29 June 2018

Jul 3, 2018 | FIEP, News

Fire Information Exchange Platform ( FIEP ) begins to work with two project teams

Brussels, 29 June 2018: The work of the newly established Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) created by the European Commission DG GROWTH kick-started on Friday June 29, 2018, with a meeting of two project teams:

  1. Project team on exchange of Member States experience from fire accidents
  2. Project team on Exchange of Member States experience on the regulatory fire safety approach for new products and tall buildings

Throughout the day, several countries and organisations including Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) gave presentations, shared experiences from their countries and proposed ideas to go forward. Among those: Belgium, the Netherlands (IFV), CFPA-EFEUEFFUADIBt, the Frankfurt fire brigade and the Modern Building Alliance (MBA).

You can download FSEU’s presentations here:

For the first project team, FSEU shed a light on success stories in exchanging experiences between countries, and how to apply them to fire safety. FSEU stressed that the experience of fire is similar across the EU, therefore lessons should be learned not only in one country but in all EU Member States. The presentation showcased several examples of policy areas, such as tunnel safety and road safety, where Member States and the European Commission came together and developed solutions which are entirely beneficial to the countries and their citizens. FSEU reiterated that Member States should develop together with the European Commission a Fire Safety Strategy, with a clear vision and goals to improve fire safety in buildings.

FSEU proposed to create a simple system to share experience from fire accidents, starting with the identification of a basic dataset (e.g. location of the fire, causes, fire injuries, fire deaths, cost, best practices, regulatory responses, lessons learned…)

On the second project team, FSEU talked about how to keep up with new risks, stressing that new risks are indeed emerging linked to new products and construction methods. By exchanging information, countries can to identify these risks faster and have better regulatory responses. Through its extensive research on high-rise building regulations, FSEU has shown there is an evolution in fire safety requirements in several countries – evolution and changes other countries could look at and learn from.

FSEU put forward a proposal to identify risks through a simple matrix where each country could indicate which risks they have identified and the regulatory responses that have been developed to tackle them.

The Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) is set to re-convene next autumn with a plenary meeting. Based on the discussion which took place on 29 June, the Project Teams will come forward with recommendations for the plenary.


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About Fire Safe Europe

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) is a broad and unique cross-sectorial alliance of fire experts, firefighters, European associations, and international companies. FSEU’s mission is to improve fire safety in buildings for European citizens. Together with our partners, we believe it is time for the EU to act on fire safety in buildings. Read our call to action for a Fire Safety Strategy!

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