FSEU webinar – Facades fire safety: choosing the right method

Nov 28, 2018 | Facades, News, Webinar

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) held a webinar “Facades Fire Safety: choosing the right method” on 26 October 2018. The webinar was a success and over 120 participants attended.

Lars Bostrom offered an insightful presentation on the two methodologies proposed by the European Commission study on the right assessment method for assessing the fire performance of facades, additionally, he also gave a great comparison on the advantages and dissadvantage of the two proposed method: the ‘main’ approach and the ‘alternative’ approach. Lastly, he concluded that even though the ‘alternative’ approach offers great advantages and is perceived to be the most favorable approach, further studies need to be conducted to examine for example the environmental impact of this test method.

Participants asked many interesting questions, which we will keep in mind and address at a later stage.

FSEU would like to thank Lars Bostrom for sharing his knowledge making this webinar possible.

What now?

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