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Fire News Flash ? 2016 Highlights


2016 Highlights
Key Achievements Towards a Fire Safe Future
December 2016

2016 has been a key year at Fire Safe Europe where we collaborated with partners, experts and policy-makers to launch our case for a Fire Safety Strategy.

We could not be more grateful for the expertise, advice, and information that we received from all the experts with whom we worked. Exchanging and learning from firefighters, scientists, engineers, and EU organisations who assessed and gave us feedback enhanced and strengthened our work.

In 2017 we hope to see the EU take bolder initiatives towards building a fire safe Europe. In this last newsletter of the year, we would like to share with you successful initiatives from our partners.

Belgian Firefighters Campaign to Limit Cancer Risks 

The fire is out, the danger is out? Not for firefighters: harmful substances stick to their equipment and can be absorbed by skin. As a result, cancer affects firefighters more than the general public.

The awareness campaign launched by several unions in Belgium highlights this danger and gives advice to limit the risk of cancer, asking firefighters to:
  • Make sure they wear adequate protection equipment when going on an intervention
  • Make sure they clean their intervention equipment
  • Not clean their equipment at home to prevent contamination
Discover the video for their campaign!
Eric Labourdette, Head of the Brussels fire department and President of the “intervention zone” sector of the SLFP (Belgium civil servants union), tells us about the launch of their campaign:

“On 1 December 2016, we organized a press conference to raise awareness both amongst firefighters and employers on the dangers of harmful substances which stay on firefighter’s intervention equipment and can cause cancers.  Research has shown that many firefighters suffer from cancer, not only because of the interventions but also because of these harmful substances which stay on their equipment and are then absorbed by the skin. The Minister of interior and the Minister of employment and well-being at work congratulated the unions for this awareness campaign. 

112 – The Phone Number that Saves Lives

  • Less than half of EU-citizens know that 112 can be dialled in case of emergency anywhere in Europe.
  • Emergency calls are not located accurately enough. This may result in a considerable loss of time and have disastrous effects when a fire occurs.
  • Public authorities are not able to efficiently inform the citizens about ongoing fires or upcoming threats.

These are the alarming facts that the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) shared in the “Case for a Fire Safety Strategy“.

We interviewed Benoit Vivier to learn more about the 112 number and EENA’s work. We found out that in 2016, EENA has developed the Advanced Mobile Location (AML) system which has already saved many lives, and could save a lot more in 2017.

Read the full interview on our blog here!

Discover the interview!

The Case for a Fire Safety Strategy 

This year, FSEU brought together an unprecedented coalition of fire experts,including firefighters, engineers, researchers, industry associations, who call on the EU to develop a Fire Safety Strategy.

Why? Because with at least 5000 fire incidents occurring each day in Europe, fire safety in buildings is a major societal and safety issue. There is no policy coordination for fire safety in buildings, and fire safety is not yet part of the equation of EU policy-making.

Why does it matter? As you can see in our video below, the chances of survival in a fire are affected by the fire conditions in the building. Member States regulate differently on fire safety, which means European citizens do not have the same chances of survival when a building catches fire. We want to balance the odds.


Would you manage to escape a building on fire?
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Fire Events not to be Missed in 2017

Holiday Tip:
Water your Christmas tree! A dry tree can easily catch on fire. 

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