About Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

Fire Safe Europe was founded in 2011 by a broad and unique alliance of fire experts, firefighters, international companies and European associations with one clear and common mission: that fire safety in buildings is made a priority across the EU.

Why? Because although the European Union (EU) has made many important strides to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings, those strides have sidestepped one of the oldest and most menacing threats of daily life: fire safety.

Fire Safety Europe promotes the highest standards for fire safety in buildings in Europe for regulations, policies, test methods and best practices.

Its role is to connect policy makers, firefighters, fire experts, NGOs and industries in view of keeping people safe from fire in every building they spend time in.


FSEU raises awareness

FSEU raises awareness

Raising awareness on fire safety in buildings is in the DNA of FSEU. Through online and live campaign activities, FSEU targets EU and national regulators

FSEU campaigns

FSEU campaigns

• 2014: European election pledge campaign #firesafetyfirst
• 2015: Europe is playing with fire
• 2016-17: The EU needs a fire safety strategy
• 2018-20: #EUCanBeFireSafe
• 2019: EP Pledge campaign

FSEU advocates

FSEU advocates

• Translate members’ industry challenges into policy recommendations and communicate them at the highest level to EU institutions and national governments
• Put fire safety issues on the EU agenda and national calendars for citizens’ safety

FSEU collects, consolidates & shares information

FSEU collects, consolidates & shares information

• First point of call of journalists for information and experts’ details
• Communicate relentlessly – online and live – to raise the profile of fire safety in buildings, especially with EU policy makers and national regulators, based on studies and investigations

FSEU organises events

FSEU organises events

• To promote dialogue between all interested stakeholders to debate, exchange findings, best practices and ideas on how to make buildings in Europe fire safe.

FSEU connects

FSEU connects

In order to facilitate the collaboration for a fire safe Europe, FSEU has created the European fire safety community composed of policy makers, firefighters, academics, NGOs, industries and everyone working in the field of fire safety.


Our vision is that people are safe from fire in every building they spend time in


Our mission is to improve fire safety in buildings for people


Our values:

Driven & Committed

Members of FSEU

A broad & unique alliance


20 Fire Fighters
11 Fire Experts
15 Partners from the fire sector
3 European Associations
6 International Companies
50+ Members of the European Parliament


Concrete insulation
Fire fighting
Fire research
Flame retardants
Roof & wall systems


Would you like to be a member?

Fire Safe Europe strengthens the voice of every actor who cares about Fire Safety.
The Association has grown from being a political campaign to a strong network of stakeholders.
The more we are, the better we can ensure that fire safety is taken into account throughout Europe!

Meet The Team

    Managing Director Western Europe for Knauf Insulation, Mark puts at the service of the association his knowledge of the fire safety market likewise his operational and managerial experience. Mark is FSEU president since 2017.
  • Claus Bugge Garn
    Clause has been an active member since FSEU was founded. Throughout the years, he has provided sound knowledge and recommendations on many fire safety topics, acquired through his own professional experience at the top – Vice President of Rockwool International.
    Head of EU Public Affairs and Corporate Communications for Knauf Insulation, Siân infuses in FSEU communications activities her advisory knowledge on political strategy and relationship building. Siân has been Chair of Fire Safe Europe’s Communication Task force since joining Knauf Insulation in 2012.
    Heading the FSEU technical chair, Kees brings with panache his knowledge and wide experience in different fields of fire safety. He has an extensive track record, from writing technical articles to heading important committees in FS, through occupying several highly technical positions in major companies. Kees is Manager Standards & Regulations, senior project leader, member management team ETEX Building Performance - Innovation and Technology Centre.
  • Fanny Guay
    Fanny is our Special Adviser in fire safety. She is a wealth of knowledge and provides valuable technical insights. She worked for 6 years at DBI - The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology where she managed projects in the resilience area. Fanny joined Rockwool last February (2018).
  • Juliette Albiac
    Juliette Albiac joined FSEU as External Relations and Campaign Manager to develop its relations with the European Parliament and launched the FireSafetyFirst pledge campaign (2014). She has 17 years of EU campaigning and public affairs experience under her belt. Today, as Managing Director of FSEU, Juliette advocates passionately for an harmonized fire safety strategy throughout the EU.
    Since 2016, Sarah has been dedicating herself to improve fire safety in buildings for people and communities across Europe. Her work as FSEU public affairs officer aims at bringing stakeholders of the fire safety sector and policy makers to exchange, discuss, and find solutions for the burning issue that is fire safety.
    Jéromine just joined FSEU. As our EU Public Affairs Executive, she is responsible for the association management and she is covering several policy dossiers like Sustainability.
    She contributes to FSEU’s work by supporting the team on all activities related to raising awareness on fire safety in buildings across Europe.
    Geek by heart, Bianca applies her skills and wide knowledge built the last 17 years to the digital field. Analytics, SEO, social media, … are her specialities. Bianca has worked for various European organizations and companies in diverse sectors like the chemicals, the milk and dairy industry, the aluminiums and metals and, widely, in the public affairs industry.

Rue Mercelis 57, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

+32 476.641.924


EU Transparency register: 182695516039-78

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