About Fire Safe Europe

Fire Safe Europe is the European association for fire safety in buildings. We are a non-profit organisation whose mission is to improve fire safety in buildings for people and society. 

Fire in buildings are now bigger, more unpredictable and more dangerous than ever before, and many of the current regulatory requirements around fire safety in buildings are not providing an adequate level of fire protection for European citizens. Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) intends to change this status quo by working with experts, policy and decision makers to ensure that people and communities across Europe are safe from fire in every building they spend time in.

Today, FSEU members are fire experts, researchers, firefighters, European associations, and international companies manufacturing and supplying cables, concrete, ceilings, fire protection equipment, flame retardants, insulation, sealants and more. Together we are working to make Europe fire safe.

We are proud to be a platform for everyone in the fire community and to provide a place for collaboration and learning.

FIRE NEWS FLASH SEPTEMBER 2020 – Let’s digitalise our fire safety efforts!

Catch up on the latest developments in fire safety and do not miss out on the exciting events coming up!

Investigating ventilated façade systems under fire conditions

Listen to the 3rd episode of the Facades Files podcast and learn more on ventilated-façade systems under fire conditions.

GUEST ARTICLE – Insights into the new “Circolare 9962”

Check out this article by Marco Antonelli and Piergiacomo Cancelliere to get insights into the new “Circolare 9962” clarifying Italian fire safety regulations.

The European Fire Safety Community : Catalyst for change

Check out this Fire & Risk Management Journal’s article on the European Fire Safety Community.


people killed by fire in Europe every year, or 11 deaths per day!

people are hospitalised in Europe every day with serious fire injuries.

billion €, or 1% of European GDP, burned in fire costs yearly.

minutes is all it takes today for a fire to engulf an entire room.

Why Fire Safety Matters

In Fire Safe Europe we understand that a suitable and reliable approach towards fire safety in buildings must be undertaken within a framework suitable to implement the growing and changing number of expectations for buildings in an efficient, transparent and robust way.

"I believe that everyone within the fire family has a responsibility to keep people safe. No matter the scale of their individual involvement, influence or role, they should look to Maximize safety throughout the life of each building from it being a design idea, to being fully occupied."

"As a long time campaigner in the European Parliament to raise Fire Safety standards in Europe I have consistently worked to raise awareness of this issue, including submitting a Written Declaration with cross-party support that called on the Parliament to take further action to improve fire safety in buildings. I am encouraged to see that the Commission is taking positive steps to enhance the consistency of Fire Safety in EU legislation, especially by providing support for the governance structure of the Fire Information Exchange Platform. However, there is still much that the EU can do to enhance fire safety, and it is essential that MEPs continue to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining high standards."

EMMA MCCLARKIN  MEP at European Parliament

“We spend 90% of our time in buildings – our homes, offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, public buildings – and these are the places where 90% of fires take place. The number of people killed or hospitalised with serious injuries as a result of building fires is unacceptable and yet, we are surrounded by fire risk every day. Recognising this is the first step in addressing the issue. It’s time to take a serious effective action.”

OLGA SEHNALOVA  MEP at European Parliament

“For me, fire safety means saving lives. Nothing is more important than this. It is that simple, the rest is only chatter.”

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Fire Safe Europe brings people from the fire sector together to work on addressing challenges, finding solutions and putting them into action.

We are building a progressive, results-oriented fire safety community and aim to be a resource for the fire sector – providing information and ideas. 

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Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

- 7 hours ago

🚨 ⌛ LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER - Digital Roundtable on “Boosting the #EUGreenDeal Initiatives on Buildings with #FireResilience” tomorrow @ 12:00 CEST.
w. @spietikainen MEP & @tfajon MEP

👉Register at: https://t.co/7yE26adR9L

#BuildingFireResilience #BuildingLife https://t.co/L3yNTkoXAT
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Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

- 8 hours ago

On 29 October we begin building a rating scheme for buildings. With sessions on everything from digital to sustainability, and social justice - #EUFSCSummit2020 is your chance to connect and engage on the future of #firesafety
👉Will you join us online? https://t.co/SrtHrwell0 https://t.co/Er6bjOUbJP
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Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

- 4 days ago

💡 Interested in:

👉 Buildings #FireSafety & #Green technologies?
👉 The national implementation of the #EPBD & its fire safety provisions?

📌 Join us for our online roundtable on 30/09 (12:00-13:00 CEST).
Register at https://t.co/7yE26adR9L

#WGBW2020 #BuildingFireResilience https://t.co/FgrtYdpLGs
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Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

- 5 days ago

🚨 Our 3rd newsletter of 2020 is out!

👉 Check it for our update on the #RenovationWave and the #ConstructionProductsRegulation.
👉 We also let you in on our future digital events to work #Together4FireSafety !

👀 Read it here: https://t.co/f3QZi1vD91
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Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

- 5 days ago

How can new tech improve #firesafety ? Our #data rich world provides more information than ever to assess. Join us on 29 October to explore solutions together with experts from across Europe and beyond 👉 https://t.co/R7euLURzdG

#EUFSCSummit2020 #DIGITAL https://t.co/yjerGGvjZ9
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Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

- 5 days ago

📢 Beware: Safari and its captcha option might make it tricky for you to register. Don't panic! You will always be able to do so via another browser such as Firefox or Chrome 👌

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

- 6 days ago

📢 Registration open!
Join us on 13 October, 11:00 to 11:30 CEST, for a webinar dedicated to the future #EU approach to assess the #fire performance of #facades with Lars Boström @RISEsweden.

✅ Register at: https://t.co/ohkVljufSc https://t.co/3vhcItstZE
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Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

- 6 days ago

🚨 The agenda for our Digital Summit is out! https://t.co/IgdfCMhKrQ

Policymakers, and #fire experts will join us on 29 October. Get involved to set the foundations for a holistic and accessible #firesafety assessment for buildings.

#EUFSCSummit2020 #EUROPE https://t.co/Al2L4aEX1y
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Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

- 7 days ago

The world is changing fast and so are our buildings. How we assess them should evolve too.

Join us for the #EUFSCSummit2020 on 29 October to build a #FireSafety Rating Scheme for buildings.

👉Follow the link, sign up and get involved https://t.co/mZ0hIsNu4I https://t.co/LPdkh4V1AI
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Fire Safe Europe (FSEU)

- 7 days ago

🚨 Week-1 before our Digital Roundtable on boosting the #EUGreenDeal Initiatives on buildings with #FireResilience, co-hosted by MEPs @tfajon, @spietikainen & @WeissPernille.

30/09, 12:00-13:00 CEST
👉 Register at: https://t.co/7yE26avs1j

#BuildingFireResilience #RenovationWave https://t.co/b2RE47u8Zx
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